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remove unused hdfcaching class definition

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...@@ -74,139 +74,6 @@ class MelSpecDataset(Dataset): ...@@ -74,139 +74,6 @@ class MelSpecDataset(Dataset):
return tagslist return tagslist
class HDF5Dataset(Dataset):
"""Represents an abstract HDF5 dataset.
Input params:
file_path: Path to the folder containing the dataset (one or multiple HDF5 files).
recursive: If True, searches for h5 files in subdirectories.
load_data: If True, loads all the data immediately into RAM. Use this if
the dataset is fits into memory. Otherwise, leave this at false and
the data will load lazily.
data_cache_size: Number of HDF5 files that can be cached in the cache (default=3).
transform: PyTorch transform to apply to every data instance (default=None).
def __init__(self, file_path, recursive, load_data, data_cache_size=3, transform=None):
self.data_info = []
self.data_cache = {}
self.data_cache_size = data_cache_size
self.transform = transform
# Search for all h5 files
p = Path(file_path)
assert (p.is_dir())
if recursive:
files = sorted(p.glob('**/*.h5'))
files = sorted(p.glob('train.h5'))
if len(files) < 1:
raise RuntimeError('No hdf5 datasets found')
for h5dataset_fp in files:
self._add_data_infos(str(h5dataset_fp.resolve()), load_data)
# self._add_data_infos(file_path, load_data)
def __getitem__(self, index):
# get data
x = self.get_data("data", index)
reqd_len = MAX_LENGTH
spec_len = x.shape[1]
x = x[:,:reqd_len] if spec_len > reqd_len else np.pad(x, ((0, 0), (0, reqd_len-spec_len)), mode='wrap')
if self.transform:
x = self.transform(x)
x = torch.from_numpy(x)
# get label
y = self.get_data("label", index)
y = torch.from_numpy(y)
return (x, y)
def __len__(self):
return len(self.get_data_infos('data'))
def _add_data_infos(self, file_path, load_data):
with h5py.File(file_path) as h5_file:
# Walk through all groups, extracting datasets
for gname, group in h5_file.items():
for dname, ds in group.items():
# if data is not loaded its cache index is -1
idx = -1
if load_data:
# add data to the data cache
idx = self._add_to_cache(ds.value, file_path)
# type is derived from the name of the dataset; we expect the dataset
# name to have a name such as 'data' or 'label' to identify its type
# we also store the shape of the data in case we need it
{'file_path': file_path, 'type': dname, 'shape': ds.value.shape, 'cache_idx': idx})
def _load_data(self, file_path):
"""Load data to the cache given the file
path and update the cache index in the
data_info structure.
with h5py.File(file_path) as h5_file:
for gname, group in h5_file.items():
for dname, ds in group.items():
# add data to the data cache and retrieve
# the cache index
idx = self._add_to_cache(ds.value, file_path)
# find the beginning index of the hdf5 file we are looking for
file_idx = next(i for i, v in enumerate(self.data_info) if v['file_path'] == file_path)
# the data info should have the same index since we loaded it in the same way
self.data_info[file_idx + idx]['cache_idx'] = idx
# remove an element from data cache if size was exceeded
if len(self.data_cache) > self.data_cache_size:
# remove one item from the cache at random
removal_keys = list(self.data_cache)
# remove invalid cache_idx
self.data_info = [
{'file_path': di['file_path'], 'type': di['type'], 'shape': di['shape'], 'cache_idx': -1}
if di['file_path'] == removal_keys[0] else di
for di in self.data_info
def _add_to_cache(self, data, file_path):
"""Adds data to the cache and returns its index. There is one cache
list for every file_path, containing all datasets in that file.
if file_path not in self.data_cache:
self.data_cache[file_path] = [data]
return len(self.data_cache[file_path]) - 1
def get_data_infos(self, type):
"""Get data infos belonging to a certain type of data.
data_info_type = [di for di in self.data_info if di['type'] == type]
return data_info_type
def get_data(self, type, i):
"""Call this function anytime you want to access a chunk of data from the
dataset. This will make sure that the data is loaded in case it is
not part of the data cache.
fp = self.get_data_infos(type)[i]['file_path']
if fp not in self.data_cache:
# get new cache_idx assigned by _load_data_info
cache_idx = self.get_data_infos(type)[i]['cache_idx']
return self.data_cache[fp][cache_idx]
class AudioPreprocessDataset(Dataset): class AudioPreprocessDataset(Dataset):
"""A bases preprocessing dataset representing a Dataset of files that are loaded and preprossessed on the fly. """A bases preprocessing dataset representing a Dataset of files that are loaded and preprossessed on the fly.
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